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Luxor game
As addictive as it is exciting.
Cardboard Castle game
Cardboard Castle
Become a fearless knight!
Kukoo Kitchen game
Kukoo Kitchen
Dig into intergalactic gourmet goodness!
Plagiarii game
Defeat the evil. Change the world. Find true love.
Spellarium 2 game
Spellarium 2
Help the wizard create a new element!

Free mind game downloads by popularity reverse

Here you can find and download for free the best and least popular mind games, such as Hamlet, Alien Stars, Interpol The Trail of Dr. Chaos, Spin and Play, Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition, and more.

Hamlet game
May 12, 2010
Guide the Hero as he embarks on a mind-bending mission to save Hamlet's girlfriend from the clutches of the evil Claudius!
Alien Stars game
Mind game 8 MB
Alien Stars (Shooting games)
November 30, -0001
Welcome to the fantastic world of Alien Stars - a breathtaking vertical scrolling space shooter game! more…
Interpol The Trail of Dr. Chaos game
Interpol The Trail of Dr. Chaos (Hidden Objects games)
September 4, 2007
Locate all the items that the evil mastermind Dr. Chaos has corrupted and bring him to justice!
Spin and Play game
Mind game 4 MB
Spin and Play
November 30, -0001
A compelling mix of action and mind games await you in this magical theme park, packed with crazy attractions for all ages! more…
Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition game
Mind game 1028 MB
Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition (Hidden Objects games)
July 21, 2014
Save your daughter from a mysterious mirror-hopping monster! more…
Time Quest game
Time Quest (Puzzle games)
May 28, 2009
Lost in time, you find yourself in Ancient Greece. To get back home, you must play against the Olympian gods and the mightiest heroes of the past in a match 3 tournament!
Shattered Minds: Encore game
Mind game 252 MB
Shattered Minds: Encore (Hidden Objects games)
November 30, -0001
Reveal the twisted plan of a deranged magician who has his own Vendetta against the world! And uncover a secretive world of magicians and discover the power they have held and passed down through the centuries! more…
Beyond: Light Advent game
Mind game 829 MB
Beyond: Light Advent (Hidden Objects games)
August 25, 2015
Beyond the sky lies a thrilling adventure... and a deadly threat! more…
Out of Your Mind game
Mind game 25 MB
Out of Your Mind
November 30, -0001
At the Blissful Brain Holistic Luxury Spa, your job is to clean the minds of the spa guests - literally! more…
Theatre of the Absurd game
Mind game 133 MB
Theatre of the Absurd (Hidden Objects games)
November 30, -0001
Help Scarlet Frost outwit evil itself in a dark and mysterious theatre to save an innocent girl’s soul from the most sinister of perils. more…

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